Cross-compile in Docker and debug on ARM hardware.


I have tried to use Docker under Build,Execution,Deployment settings but it kept adding new Docker instances and didn't seem to work right so I found this blog:

(and )

And got my Docker environment building correctly for x86 and ARM binaries (with Jenkins to boot). I can even debug x86 binaries inside Docker as well.

Now, I need to debug my ARM binaries on ARM hardware but when I used the "Run|Edit Configuration" dialog box, and setup Remote GDB Server, it seems to look for the ARM binaries on the local directory instead of the remote build (Docker) environment. Any way to download the binaries from Docker?  Or do I have to map Docker file systems to my local paths?  Will that not mess up my local files (under git -- I guess git doesn't care about date/time stamp, so it should be OK?).

Edit: I am on Windows 10 Pro 22H2 on 11th Gen i7, running CLions 2023.1 (Build #CL-231.8109.174, built on March 28, 2023).

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We have a detailed guide for this scenario - Please read it and pay attention to the fact that in your Remote GDB Server configuration you need to:

  1. select the local binary in the Executable field (clock on the "down arrow" in the field, select the "Custom executable" option, insert the local path to the executable);
  2. select the multi-arch GDB from the build machine in the GDB field.

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