IDEA keeps freezing in Mac m1


Unknown (maybe 22.3) since i cant click inside the window. The "New UI" update

MacOS m1 apple chip

Force quit and try again


Hernanzarzycki Please make sure you have macOS 14.x version. If the issue persists, file a bug at with the thread dumps and the logs attached (Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data). See also


Same problem and details below, currently unfeasible to work with IntelliJ.


Same here. PyCharm freezes when adding a file in a plain Python project. The new file is not being displayed. After Force Quit and restart the new (blank) file appears. Also freezes when creating a new plain Python project and check the ‘Create main’ box. PyCharm 2023.3.3 on Macbook M1 Pro 2021 running 14.3.1


ej.huijbers Please report with the thread dumps, see the comment above for the instructions.


Here Pycharm has become useless for full-text searches, it basically always freezes at this point

Using absolutely latest version btw: Build #PC-233.14475.56, built on February 26, 2024

BTW: I reset the whole IDE again and thru all the steps including recreating the index, and it temporarily works again, but I did it already in the past, and it keeps coming back.

UPDATE: it comes back after less than one hour of usage, which makes the IDE unusable now.


actually, the suggestion I got in the issue tracker to disable this pesky plugin, did help in my case 👏


I fixed the problem by just uninstalling and installing intellij again, I don't know way, I was in the last version but the UI was different before the re-install.


Same issue in GoLand 2024.1 and WebStorm 2024.1 on Mac M1

Possibly started after upgrading MacOS to 14.4.1 - or possibly after upgrading JetBrains IDEs - I'm not sure, upgraded both around the same time

There is a freeze every few minutes, for about 10 seconds

Android Studio Iguana does not seem affected



Kostya Vasilyev Please report at and attach the logs/thread dumps via Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data. See also


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