Configure CLion profiling via Perf on Linux


I really like CLion's graphical interface to perf, but I've had some problems capturing data with --call-graph dwarf, and would like to know if it's possible to change the arguments that CLion calls perf with.

I always see it invoked like:

/usr/bin/perf record --freq=99 --call-graph dwarf -q -o /tmp/clion14645335579615200246perf 

from CLion's Profile tab. When I'm invoking perf manually, I would omit the --call-graph dwarf and use the native frame pointer based profiling, which is selected by default or by --call-graph fp 

Is there somewhere to configure how CLion invokes Perf? I've searched the settings menu extensively and searched for other support before asking.

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There is no way to configure this option in CLion, sorry.


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