[SettingsPanel][Run Configuration] Saving an option to a custom file rather than to .run/


Hi there,

I'm trying to implement a run configuration option that should be saved to a custom file in the project root path (and not in the xml under .run/).

For example, the value of the "Build platform" combox should be saved only in a custom file (let's call it ".custom.yml")

Things that I've thought about but couldn't get working:

1. Finding a way to listen to every run configuration save ("Apply" / "OK" / any other listener?)

2. Changing the implementation of the "Build platform" component to somehow persist the changes to my custom file instead of the default?


How can this be accomplished?


Thanks in advance 🙏🏼, Ilai


The second approach is correct. You will need to create a custom serialization component and call it on reset/apply.


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