How to change row selection color of IDE?

Hi guys! I wanna know how to change selection background color in IDE, not in Editor.

As you can see, if I type in React but not navigating with arrow keys, the background color can hardly be seen.

If I start navigating with arrow keys, the selection color does not match well with the window background color and appears to be very discordant.

I'm using default Dark theme of the new UI.


You may customize the value by applying your custom theme. Use the following values:

"dark": true,
"ui": {
"Menu.selectionBackground": "#202124"

I prepared a custom theme for you 



Hi Nadia, thank you very much!

Your shared link seems expired, can you send me another one? Thanks! I'll also try to build my own theme.


Thanks! This worked perfectly.

Another question: Can I read the color properties of another theme in the Plugin Market? I would like to use the colors from other themes as a reference.


Roy Rao, you can modify your custom theme to be based on Light or Dark default themes, but changing a theme provided by 3rd-party is not supported directly.

"dark": true/false

Thanks Nadia! One more question:

I installed the plugin you provided me above, the theme colors appear to lean towards the old UI's gray rather than the new UI's black.

Can custom theme plugin choose between the old UI and the new UI?


At the moment, the choice between New UI and Classic UI is controlled by the end user only. I have created a ticket, please upvote. 


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