Starting chrome debug session in webstorm no longer works

I use webstorm 2021.3.3 and chrome 112.0.5615.121 on ubuntu 22.04.2. I notice that since a month debug sessions no longer start up correctly.


The debugging configuration used to work just fine. But now if I "run"  or "debug" the chrome debug configuration, it opens a blank page. It no longer redirects to the url given in the debug configuration. And after some time there is a yellow information popup in webstorm telling me it cannot connect to the debug port.


This even happens directly after restarting my pc - so without chrome running beforehand.


Again the system information:

Webstorm: 2021.3.3
chrome: 112.0.5615.121
ubuntu: 22.04.2

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Chrome 111.* released recently broke the debugger as it rejects the requests from unknown remote origins due to security reasons; the fix is available in 2023.1.
If upgrading is not an option for you, you can try passing --remote-allow-origins=* option to Chrome;
the option has to be specified in Settings | Tools | Web Browsers and Preview, in the Chrome Settings dialog that
opens when you select Chrome configuration there and press Edit. But we can't guarantee that this helps


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