New User - Set up first project

I'm trying PHPStorm for the 2nd time.  I just need a bit of help.

I'm trying to create a Project that connects to my LAMP server that has a few PHP and HTML files.  I totally get that PHPStorm will not let me do a thing until it downloads the entire server contents.

I need to exclude a few paths from the server.  Our Wordpress, and the vendors path.  I would never edit files in PHP storm for those tools.  They aren't even in my debugging realm.  So I just want to exclude them from downloading which takes 4-6 hours.

How can I exclude those two paths so I can start trying out PHPstorm with my project?



Hi there,

I'd suggest approaching this from a different angle (what's what I almost always do):

  • make a zip/tar.gz file on your remote server that would include only folders that you need (you normally have some Control Panel on your server (like cPanel etc) or just via SSH)
  • download that ZIP file locally and extract all the files into some folder
  • use PhpStorm and point to that folder (using "Open") -- the IDE will make a new project from those local files
  • set up PhpStorm with the Deployment so you can upload modified files to your server as needed

This way it is simply will be much faster to get the needed files (smaller size thanks to compression, just 1 file).


Thanks.  This is what I needed.  I also have a full image of the code on my D: drive.  I didn't see in the initial setup that I could just point to that instance of it.  I'll try that.



I didn't see in the initial setup that I could just point to that instance of it.  I'll try that.

Why, you can.

Creating a Project from Existing Local Sources:

I just prefer that initial way (my first reply) as it does not ask any questions so I can configure all aspects later/as needed.


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