I want to get license on datagrip with my university email but email is blocked. Anyone have solutions?


I have sent documents about the university and personal data as a student there. However, I never got an email back regarding the document. I also tried via githubstudent but my university email was blocked. Can you help me? because I really need it for assignments on campus


Thanks for the request. A number of educational domains are rejected by our automated system for various reasons such as past instances of large-scale fraud. But the most common reason by far is simply that the university in question allows students to keep their student emails after graduation, making a student email address alone insufficient for verification of enrollment.

For these cases, you can use the "Official Documents" tab at the top of the student application, linked below, to fill out a manual application with a document that can be used to verify your enrollment:


Please make sure that the document contains your name, your school's name, and the year of enrollment. Once you have completed the application, let me know and I will review it personally.

Katie O'Neill  can you help please i have the same issue  

here is my email badereddine_sassi@um5.ac.ma

Hello Badereddine Sassi,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Please excuse the delay in getting back to you. Your JetBrains account is managed with this email address badereddinesassi@hotmail.com. That means, that you can use it as your login + password to use the software and the JB account. Please log in to your JetBrains account
using this email address and password in order to reach your subscription.
Please note that we have unified our policy regarding JetBrains Accounts for individual customers: personal licenses must be managed under a single JetBrains Account.
Feel free to reply this message if you have any questions or need any assistance.

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