PHP storm 2022-2023 won't launch - java_error_in_phpstorm

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have any idea where this error is coming from?

PHPStorm 2021 is running without any issues. Since PHPStorm 2022, we haven't been able to start PHPStorm. We weren't in a rush to upgrade to a new version, so we skipped it. Now we have tested PHPStorm 2023, but we're still getting the same error message. What does this exactly mean, and how can we resolve it?

Our system: Operating System: Windows 10 Enterprise N LTSC 2019

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!


I saw the other ticket you submitted, and the logs you attached there seem to correspond to Remote Development logs.

Could you please confirm that it's specifically remote development that is crashing for you?




Thank you for your reply.


I tried to install the Toolbox, but the installation gave 2 errors in the end. JVM-module could not be loaded and JVM could not be created, because it already exists.




We have found the issue related to this matter!


All our systems are patched with the following:





When we remove this regkey, all the JetBrains software can be installed and launched again without any issue!


Oh. It seems that we are not the only software vendor affected by this problem. Thank you for sharing!


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