Issue running foreman with remote SDK (Vagrant).

I am starting the Rails server and a few additional processes with Foreman on virtual machine (Vagrant). I am starting foreman from RubyMine with a gem command.

When I try to stop or restart the server in both run and debug configurations it instantly stops the foreman process with exit code -1. Then I need to manually shutdown all foreman processes before starting the server again.

In comparison when i stop the foreman process from the VM machine it first sends SIGTERM to all foreman processes and then exits with code 0.

I created a new rails 4.2 application with only the foreman gem added in a separate VM, to exclude the current project setup from the possible reasons for the issues.

I am using RubyMine 2016.3

Does anyone encountered a similar issue and found a solution?

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Hello, Tihomir,

that appears to be a known issue so please vote and follow it:



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