SSL connection to postgres


I had problems connecting to postgres with SSL.  After looking into JDBC docs, I found the answer, and am sharing for anyone else who may run into these issues.  The answer is modifying the JDBC URL, as apparently jdbc support for SSL is still a little lacking.  



That should do the trick


Thanks - I got distracted by the SSL tab


Sorry, could you point out where I can modify the JDBC URL? The current UI I have is like this:

which doesn't seem to have an entry to allow me to modify the URL directly... Maybe I'm not looking at the right place.


You're missing key window elements such as the URL input box.  My pycharm has a url input box, so i can't tell you where to put it for your version/os.  However, when creating a new data source you could choose 'Data source from URL' and see how that works.


Thanks for the hint. The URL input box appears when I choose "Custom" instead of "PostgreSQL" in the dropdown menu to create a new data source. If one chooses "PostgreSQL" it seems to hide the URL input box and uses preset values.


Thank you, this worked for me!


Also, you should be able to enable SSL by the options flag


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