Autocomplete parenthesis around a variable in IntelliJ Scala

 I am using IntelliJ with the Scala plugin. Consider a string like "test" and I want to wrap it in System.out.println("test"); I enter System.out.pri which brings up the auto-complete popup with various options starting with "pri". What keys do I hit to select the method wrap the parenthesis around "test".   Right now when I hit "(" it just adds a "(" besides the word. For eg. consider I start with "test" and enter System.out.prin and select "print" from the auto-complete with "(", it just enter System.out.prin("test". If I do auto-complete with Ctrl+Shift+Enter it enters System.out.print()"test". Probably an issue with keymap. What are the settings etc. that I could use to control this?


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