Default inspection scope?



I want to exclude generated java sources from inspections. I created scope that excludes generated sources. I can run Analyze | Inspect Code and select my scope and desired profile, this is fine. In Settings | Editor | Inspections I can also select project default profile. But I have found no way how to specify default project scope or how to associate scope with inspection profile. This says:

3) added three profile assignments

but I am confused where I can do this assignment.

Kind regards, Jan

IntelliJ IDEA 2016.3.1


Scope can be set per inspection or the group of inspections in the profile:


Thank you for you quick response Serge.

AFAIK this way I will change inspection severity per scope. How can I disable the inspection altogether? There are severities: Error, Warning, Weak Warning, Server Problem and Type. What I need to disable the checkbox on the left per scope

Regards, Jan


Thank you Serge, this seems to be one of the few weaknesses of your IDE. Too much clicking and not intuitive UI just to remove some package from inspections.

What I miss is a way to associate scope and profile at global level.

Kind regard,s Jan


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