Getting intellij to parse vagrantfiles correctly



Long time intellij users, so will preface that I could have some legacy configuration causing issues.  But my goal is to have my vagrantfiles parsed syntactically correctly and ideally with autocomplete.  Right now, I have;

  • Ruby plugin installed
  • Running intellij ultimate 2016.3
  • Vagrant plugin installed and configured correctly
  • I noticed that the vagrantfile is listed in the registered Pattern for the ruby file type
  • I have a ruby sdk linked to my project

So, I realize that vagrant no longer (for a long time) distributed as a gem so I am guessing the reason that I get all the "Cannot find . . " messages in my vagrantfile is that ruby can't find the vagrant code.  So I though, lets remove vagrantfile from the list of files associated with Ruby and see what happens.  I can't!  

  • If I remove it, the apply button doesn't un-ghost
  • If I do something like add a new bogus registered pattern for ruby, the apply button shows, then I remove vagrantfile, then if I add yet another bogus pattern, the vagrantfile associates magically re-appears.

So I have run out of ideas on what I might need to do so that my vagrant files will parse and hopefully have autocomplete.  But maybe I am just wishing for more than exists?

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We have related issue in YouTrack:

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