CSS doesnt show in firefox

When ever I try to preview in browser with firefox, none of the styles show in the preview (as if there is no CSS what so ever). It show as its supposed to in opera and chrome. When I view source from the preview the only css it shows it the "created by" comment from the file template and not any code. When i open the file in firefox without the Webstorm preview (alt+F2), it shows the styles. So its just an issue with firefox and preview in Webstorm.

Is there a bad configuration option on my part that I can look into?

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Ok, I was playing around and decided to just give the page a refresh in firefox and everything showed as it was supposed to, all styles were visible! Also everytime ive launched the preview in firefox since then it has showed the styles!

I did just do a complete reinstall of everything (OS and all programs), so maybe its a first time thing. So if anyone else comes across this issue, just refresh the preview page in firefox (especially right after fresh install of Webstorm).

Thanks JetBrains and community.


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