webstorm 2016 new bootstrap project

Hi, I wanted to try the new bootstrap 4 project generation, i was wondering if you can help confirm the steps to compile it.

straight after the project setup, should i be doing npm install then grunt watch?

would love if you can confirm the steps to run grunt after a fresh project install.

i also get the error "grunt-contrib-qunit" not found when i try to grunt watch.



When creating a new Twitter Bootstrap project, WebStorm just downloads https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap/releases/download/<version>/bootstrap-<version>-dist.zip and extracts it to the project directory. The stuff that is downloaded is all you really need to use bootstrap - it is pre-built... So I'm not sure why you need to compile it. Anyway, please see https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap/blob/v4-dev/docs/getting-started/build-tools.md#tooling-setup


Thanks, my problem with this is i should be able to use GRUNT, if it extracts itself which is what is happening, i should just be able to compile the SASS into the dist folder by using the 'grunt' commend, no?

i get "unable to find local grunt"


>i get "unable to find local grunt"

this message indicates that you don't have grunt installed locally. Just run 'npm install grunt' in your project folder


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