Alt+key not working in embedded terminal

For instance, ALT+F and ALT+B works in the editor for moving the caret to start of next and previous word respectively. However, in the embedded terminal this is not working - though the chain ESC-ESC-F and ESC-ESC-B provides the same functionality I would really prefer to use the aforementioned.

Is there a way to have ALT+F and ALT+B work in the embedded terminal? Disabling mneumonics does not appear to solve the problem.

PhpStorm 2016.3.2
Ubuntu 16.04



What keymap are you using (alt+f brings File menu by default)?

Do you have Override IDE shortcuts disabled in File | Settings | Tools | Terminal?



I should have mentioned: I am using Emacs keymap.

ALT+F should move the caret to the start of the next word, and ALT+B should move the caret to the start of the previous word, same functionality as CTRL+RightArrow and CTRL+LeftArrow respectively. I'd like to point out that this (ALT+F and ALT+B) works well in the editor, my problem is that I can't get it to work in the embedded terminal.

Override IDE shortcuts in File | Settings | Tools | Terminal is true/checked/active. After your comment I have also tried with Override IDE shortcuts disabled, but it made no difference.



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