Alt+key not working in embedded terminal


For instance, ALT+F and ALT+B works in the editor for moving the caret to start of next and previous word respectively. However, in the embedded terminal this is not working - though the chain ESC-ESC-F and ESC-ESC-B provides the same functionality I would really prefer to use the aforementioned.

Is there a way to have ALT+F and ALT+B work in the embedded terminal? Disabling mneumonics does not appear to solve the problem.

PhpStorm 2016.3.2
Ubuntu 16.04



Thanks Erykwho, this hack worked great


I'm sorry for opening old wounds, but I ran into a similar problem after updating from PHPStorm 2021.1 to 2021.2.

I use the embedded terminal *mainly* for committing and going through directories. The latter still works, but the former gives me some trouble, as our commit message convention states that a commit message must begin with "[BUFIX|FEATURE|TASK] Tell what you did" and hitting Alt+5 on my MacBook inserts 5 spaces, which it did not before, and should not, as this is the shortcut for '['.

I tried:
- disabling overriding the IDE shortcuts
- switching to bash
Neither of those worked and the behaviour persisted.

I'm using Mac OS Catalina on a 2019 MacBook, with PHPStorm 2021.2 and zsh as terminal in the embedded terminal.




Please try disabling the "Preferences | Tools | Terminal > Use Option as Meta key" option, that should help.

Just in case:


Vasiliy Yur you are incredible, that solved the issue right off the bat :-)


(Knowing what you are looking for probably helps, thanks for sharing your knowledge!)


Fantastic, thank you for the update and have a nice forthcoming weekend!


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