JetBrains Toolbox on CentOS 7 (a VirtualBox VM - host OS Windows 10) - Broken GUI, black screen

I Installed JetBrains Toolbox for the first time in my CentOS 7 development environment (VirtualBox VM in Windows 10 Host OS)

At first when I launched ToolBox all my GUI elements vanished and window borders became black spaces. After several restarts of the VM and starting ToolBox first, I now have the App appearing but its window is completely black, but when I mouse over the blank space the mouse pointer does turn into a hand from time to time. If I minimize the window the title bar disappears, but the black window rectangle remains in place and any apps subsequently started are masked by that space.

Any suggestions?

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This is known as VirtualBox issue. Please disable 3D acceleration for the VM and check how this will work.


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