JetBrains Toolbox on CentOS 7 (a VirtualBox VM - host OS Windows 10) - Broken GUI, black screen


I Installed JetBrains Toolbox for the first time in my CentOS 7 development environment (VirtualBox VM in Windows 10 Host OS)

At first when I launched ToolBox all my GUI elements vanished and window borders became black spaces. After several restarts of the VM and starting ToolBox first, I now have the App appearing but its window is completely black, but when I mouse over the blank space the mouse pointer does turn into a hand from time to time. If I minimize the window the title bar disappears, but the black window rectangle remains in place and any apps subsequently started are masked by that space.

Any suggestions?



This is known as VirtualBox issue. Please disable 3D acceleration for the VM and check how this will work.


This happened for me as well with Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit as guest. When I used the outdated VirtualBox guest additions from the repository the toolbox window was fine, but when I updated to the version supplied with VirtualBox 5.1.18 the screen turned black. Turning of 3D acceleration fixed this problem. I don't yet know what negative influence this has on performance though.

Vladimir: do you have more information about this issue such as a link to a VirtualBox bug report? What kind of technology used by the Toolbox program triggers this error?


Just following up. Yes, disabling 3D acceleration fixes the issue on both my Windows 10 PC and MacOS 10.x platforms running VirtualBox. I can now launch and use the Toolbox.

However, using PHPStorm in VirtualBox on my Mac, without 3D acceleration, is pretty clunky. For now I will turn 3D acceleration off when I need to use the toolbox, and back on again when I'm coding.

Finally, seems odd to lay this completely at the VirtualBox doorstep as the PHPStorm IDE works fine with 3D acceleration turned on and the only time I have trouble is running the Toolbox app.


For further searchers that hit this thread - it's a rather long living bug in VirtualBox rendering mechanism that has issues with some chromium (and webkit-based, I guess for that matter) 3d-accelerated rendering.

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For what it counts, I have encountered same problem on guest Lubuntu 16.04 and Lubuntu 17.04 with Windows 7 as a host. However GNOME Ubuntu 17.04 did not seem to have the problem and as you suggested turning off 3D acceleration did solve the problem temporarily but solution is not really optimal.


I realize this was solved but I have this same problem now but I am not in a virtual machine, I am on Linux Mint installed on it's own machine and have been using toolbox on this for a couple of years since it first started. All of sudden within the last couple of days the window now comes up frozen or black and is unusable except to close. I use the toolbox constantly to keep not just track of my updates but I am working several projects at once and am always opening and closing projects. I can use the recents menu to open them so I am not dead in the water but it is inconvenient and also does not handle the updates as they come in. Please help. thanks


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