html tag color doesn't work


i just install PHPStorm and if i open some .php file with html tags they are grey. Look at ScreenShot

What i should do? 


Hi there,

1. Settings/Preferences | Editor | File Types

2. Find "Text" file type entry

3. Remove offended pattern in bottom list (will be "index.php" or alike)


Right now this file is treated as Plain Text .. so it's not indexed and hence no syntax colors. By doing the above it will be treated by IDE as PHP file again.


Also check if you can right click the file > Mark as PHP.

You can see that "index.php" has a different icon in the file tree - that is what Andriy said about file treated as Plain Text. Could you accidentally mark it as Plain Text?



"Mark as Plain Text" will result in slightly different icon -- it will have small kind of "x" in left corner of the icon -- I do not see it here on screenshot.


It works! Thank you for help


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