How to get plugin ids from the plugin repo ?


Hello, I want to develop an intellij plugin, which will depend on other plugins. I'm using: as the build system. But how to get the plugin id from plugin repo? 


I tried to find the plugin id for the 3 plugins: scala/python/psiviewer. I managed to get scala plugin id from here:  . But I can't find the other 2 plugin ids.

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The easiest way is to download the plugin JAR/ZIP and lookup plugin ID in META-INF/plugin.xml. python plugin id from here: . Really hard to have figured it out.


Is there any routine that I can follow to get any plugin id?


Some plugins, like psiviewer, don't have id in their META-INF/plugin.xml files.


<name> should be used then if no <id> is present


Thanks, Yann. Using <name> works.


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