Trackpad not scrolling in phpstorm on windows

I have PhpStorm installed across all of my operating systems, OSX, Linux, and Windows 10.

My primary dev environment for the time being is Windows and I cannot seem to scroll in any active or inactive window in PhpStorm using my laptop trackpad. It works fine on the same machine in Linux, and at work on the Mac regardless of input device.

It will scroll with a mouse wheel in Windows, but not with the trackpad.

This is very frustrating/confusing and any help rectifying the problem would be greatly appreciated. 

I have tried toggling on and off the settings I could find that may help, but I am sure I didn't try everything. 


Again any help appreciated, thank you.

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Please see corresponding thread & workaround mentioned:

The issue is caused by Java not recognizing horizontal scroll gestures, modified JDKs should address it.


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