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Search Everywhere is more like combination of "Navigate | Symbol/Class/File..." together with "Help | Find Action..."

AFAIK it does not search for actual plain text / string content. For that -- use standard "Edit | Find | Find in Path..." (to search across files) or just "Find" for current file only.


I'm sorry Andriy but I agree with Michael, I mean, the feature name is Search Everywhere 

I also think that adding a new section with text plain finding should not be hard and will be VERY helpful 

In fact IntelliJ's team have suggested it

Find in path: https://youtu.be/eq3KiAH4IBI?t=411

"Don't search like that unless your life depends on it"


Well .. you can clearly see what it can search for by checking the scopes (e.g. https://www.jetbrains.com/help/phpstorm/2017.1/searching-everywhere.html#d156380e92)

I agree -- they guy in the video (he said it few times) + the feature name implies that it would search for any text .. but in reality it does not -- it searches only in those supported at the moment scopes (that utilize indexes).

BTW -- they guy in the video was searching for method name (to show how it works). In that aspect he is absolutely correct -- Search Everywhere will find such stuff better and quicker than generic (plain text search) Find In Path.


I have not found any big complains about current behaviour (tickets that would have quite few votes/comments) -- possibly I've used bad search query. Those tickets that I have found:

If they do not answer your question -- file your own ticket / Feature Request.


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