PhpStorm does not properly support Bash on Windows 10 - Vim in particular

Windows 10 has an official Ubuntu subsystem from Microsoft now ( I can configure PhpStorm to use Bash for terminal in Windows 10 (

However I cannot use Vim in the Bash. The files can be opened by Vim, but I cannot edit them. It seems that the keyboard-keybinding is somehow broken. Vim works in the Bash which is shipped by Microsoft. PhpStorm uses the same Bash executable-file which I use in Bash on Windows. Everything else, like installing programs by "sudo apt-get install XYZ" seems to work well.

Do you know how can I make Vim work inside PhpStorm by Bash on Windows? Do you know this issue?

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Are all keystrikes ignored? Looks like we don't have related reports yet.


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