PATH variable not taken into account in configuration Environment variables



I am pretty sure this worked in 2016.1 (or even 2016.2), but now it is not working on 2016.3 . (I have not changed anything in between.

I created a configuration to run python code, which needs to access executables in /usr/local/bin. So I set the Environment variables to include the PATH=/usr/local/bin as below

But this does not work anymore as the output of 

print "os.environ['PATH']: " + os.environ['PATH']


os.environ['PATH']: /Users/username/virtual_envs/my_application_virtualbox/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin

which does not include /usr/local/bin.

Bug? Or is it now the wrong way of doing it?


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It is the same problem indeed but I am running intelliJ 2016.3.2 and it was supposed to be fixed on 2016.3.1 if I was to believe .

Ah, if I read further the ticket you gave, the fix should be available in 2016.3.3 mid-jan. in the mean time, you are suggesting to try the pre-release version: Will do.


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