File > New > Module from Existing Sources... <-- For WebStorm

I have recently switched from IntelliJ 15 to WebStorm 2016.3.2. I was getting a lot of good use out of the Module construct within the Project view. However, now, within WebStorm, I cannot find how to add new Modules. The "File > New" menu does not contain "Module from Existing Sources...". It has been difficult to get clarity on what is the rationale behind this missing feature in WebStorm, thus, I am posting here.

For context, we have a good collection of git repos, each with a 1-1 relation to a npm module. These modules interdepend somewhat. The Project > Module structure that exists in IntelliJ (and within WebStorm if I open my IntelliJ project in WebStorm), was basically essential to keeping this project manageable. The lack of that construct in WebStorm appears to me as a real problem, possibly which will become a discussion about whether we can move forward with the rethinking of our IDE choice. We would like to adopt WebStorm instead of IntelliJ because it is a more economical solution that perfectly well meets our needs in every other regard.

Clarity on this issue would be greatly appreciated!

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WebStorm projects can't have submodules - they include a single module only. The reason is that, unlike IDEA, WebStorm supports a single module type - WEB_MODULE (Static Web in IDEA terms). You can, however, add multiple content roots to your project: Settings | Directories, Add Content Root, choose a folder where your existing sources are stored

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That works well! Thanks again, Elana!


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