Running PHP storm on windows 10 is incredible slow


I'm running PHPstorm on my windows 10 laptop, where it is extremly slow. I made a screenshot showing the about information.

I have a 64bit so I'm correct running phpstorm64.exe for this.
During work I'm also using phpstorm on an *unix system, which is great.

So I thought about buying a private license for me at home, but with the given performance I really cant work. Sorry for the big image





Using Oracle JDK is not a suitable solution - it does not contain product-specific fixes that our developers included in our custom JDK.

If you do not explicitly need 64-bit version of PhpStorm and do not work with huge projects, please try working with 32-bit application (phpstorm.exe) and check if the performance will be better. By default, 32-bit app uses our bundled JDK with custom patches so it should work better.


Thanks your help. I used 32bit before and switched because I thought it would solve my problems . Running on a machine with i7 and 16gb



If you want 64-bit JDK -- try 2017.1 EAP build -- they come with JetBrains' 64-bit JDK bundled by default (instead of 32-bit as 2016.3 and all versions before)


>During work I'm also using phpstorm on an *unix system, which is great.

Usually it's other way around (my own observations): it works better on Windows (less variations in software and system components).

So far your experience on Windows may be related to the software you are running (antivirus/internet security in particular; some auto-backup software etc).

In any case: check this link and provide that info by creating Support ticket ("Submit a request" link on the top of this page):



ok thanks a lot, I'll go for some support then:)


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