View All Project Errors/Warnings

Is there a view that lists all errors and warnings (type script errors, ts/js linter errors, sass linter errors) in the current project?

Without such view/list, I am forced to look for the errors in terminal after running the linters. I would expect that IDE like IDEA/WebStorm provides such integration.




Hi there,

Please try "Code | Inspect Code..."

For specific linter results only (as results from linters are internally handled as separate Inspections) you may use "Code | Run Inspection by Name..."

Please note: these tool windows do not update automatically -- you need to re-run inspection(s) manually to get latest results.

TypeScript has own dedicated tool window:


Having to run "Inspect Code" manually every time seems kinda cumbersome. I wish there was a view like this that would update automatically, periodically.


Thanks, Andriy Bazanov! That solves the problema

Marcel Schön, chances are you will need to check them sporadically. No need for the IDE keep refreshing that list eternally in my opinion


Since 2020.2, you can view the list of warnings and errors in the current file in a separate tool window (Problems view) by clicking the Inspections Widget in the upper right corner. See, Problems View


I am facing the issue that i have a warning (unused parameter), which is shown in Editor but not in Inspection results when i run Analyze -> Inspect Code... .

I cannot find any settings for this.

Now while commiting I check the Perform code analysis checkbox and a dialog gives the possibility to review warnings. In the upcoming Messages View is a Tab Code Analysis there the warning is shown. 

Is there a way to see all warnings and code inspection results in one window/view?


Perform code analysis checkbox causes Analyze -> Inspect Code to be run con commit for the changed files, so the results should be the same. What does the warning look like? Please share screenshots that demonstrate the issue


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