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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone knows of a way of adding auto completes to phpStorm, I'm new to CakePHP (and phpStorm) and it would be really useful if I can add the auto completes from into my copy of phpStorm.

To give auto complete for the CakePHP helpers:

* $this->Html->css               : css
* $this->Html->div               : div
* $this->Html->dockType          : dockType
* $this->Html->image             : image
* $this->Html->link              : link


or if there is a plugin that can do this already even better, I've already installed CakeStorm.


Thanks in advance.

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It's not yet supported (link to a feature request here). Users are reporting that using @property tag helps, see

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Thanks, have voted for this, just looked at Netbeans again and it works really well, I notice in the second link it says:

"To get auto-completion working in views we need to include a file created by junichi11 over at GitHub." do you know what that file is on junichi11?  I'm hoping this is the magic file to get it working like in Netbeans as I prefer phpStorm, but am wondering if to go back to Netbeans if I can't get it working well.


Thanks again.

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Just an update, I found the main source of the problem, I'm working on a remote machine and I had only downloaded the app folder, I noticed that netbeans requires the lib folder to also be downloaded, after adding this in and

* @var $this View

then the auto complete started working, just wanted to add this in case it helps others that are being silly like me ;-)

Would be sill interested in that missing file above if that further helps my installation.

Thanks again.

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Many thanks, that file didn't add anything extra, but I will keep it in case I find at some point it does, adding the phpDoc and including the lib in the remote download got things up and running, which is fab, again thanks for your time on this, much appreciated. 

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You're welcome! :)


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