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Hi, Tom.

That's not possible at the moment. Could you please clarify: do you have any issues with placeholders completion or is it just inconvenient for you? We had a request to add such option for C/C++ but not for Swift code so far, so it would be interesting to hear your thoughts.

Hi Tatiana,

I don't currently have any major issues with it, it is more just a convenience thing.

The code I'm working in at the moment has quite a lot of function overloads with default arguments in most cases, and often when the completions come up, I end up having to delete a lot of them, the cursor movement seems unnatural to me as I lose track of where the cursor is when a placeholder is selected. I can see the use in some cases, I just think for me it gets in the way more than it helps.

Would be awesome if I could just disable this one specific thing if possible,

Thank you!




I see, thanks. I've created a ticket for that in our tracker. Please vote & watch it for progress.


Thank you! Sorry I didn't clarify this before but I am working in C/C++ code, not Swift if that makes a difference.





Ah, my bad. For some reason I inferred you're using Swift (likely because of the link to the post). For C/C++ we have a task already, see OC-14631.


No worries! Ah great thanks! Thank you very much for your time!

I love AppCode! Trying to go back to Xcode makes me want to cry ;)





For swift it would be great to be able to disable the placeholders as they don't work very well when using ideavim. They seem to just get in the way. 


I'm writing in C++ and it would really save me a lot of typing if there was some way I could disable argument placeholders for default arguments.

For example, I use the JUCE library heavily (https://github.com/WeAreROLI/JUCE) & there's a function I use very frequently:

void addAndMakeVisible (Component& child, int zOrder = -1);

I always end up having to delete the placeholder & hit the backspace/arrow keys. For all functions that have default arguments I almost always go for the default.

In any case it'd really be swell if it could be an option. Many thanks!


Placeholders (not only those inserted with autocompletion, but also when generating branches for switch for example) completely breaks ideavim bc it cannot move within them, it just stucks.


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