Can I force a file type detector to redetect all files without having to rebuild caches?


Is there a way that I can force a custom file type detector to reprocess all of its files?  For example, I'd like to do so when file type associations are changed because one of my file type detectors uses something other than the extension to determine the MIME type, then uses the MIME type to determine the normal extension for files of that type, and then uses the associated file type for that extension.

Right now if the file type association changes, the files managed by this file type detector are still associated with the old file type until either the file is changed or some index is rebuilt (I'm not sure which one).

Looking at FileTypeManagerImpl, it appears that only modifications to a file will cause it to be redetected.  I don't want to modify these files (not even update the timestamps); I just want to tell the system to redetect them in response to a file type association change event.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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Please, take a look for FileContentUtilCore.reparseFiles


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Maxim, looks like it does exactly what I needed.  Thanks so much!


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