Turn off 100% of all code auto-formatting everywhere forever under every circumstance


I know many of you find auto-complete of various stripes helpful, but I am odd and would like to disable all automatic functions that involve inserting or deleting text without me directly requesting that specific character be inserted or deleted by virtue of an explicit keystroke under any and all circumstances.  Is there a way to achieve this?

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Hi Serge, thank you for the reply.

My only suspects would be the Eclipse Code Formatter plugin and Other Settings>Save Actions.

Thank you for the hint! I will explore this venue...

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I still seem to be unable to persuade IntelliJ to please stop autoindenting my constructors, parameter lists and multiline strings.  How can this be accomplished?

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Please try to set "None" for "Reformat on paste" option in "Settings | Editor | General | Smart Keys"



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