How to make my plugin to highlight a matching parenthesis in the editor of a language


I have just written my first plugin. Right now it is just a syntax highlighter for the Prolog/Logtalk languages. These languages have lots of parentheses, brackets and braces.

Could someone point me to an example or documentation explaining how can I highlight the matching left/right parenthesis of the currently selected parenthesis (or bracket or brace) ? I mean the same that that happens in the IntelliJ Java editor when you select a parenthesis, bracket or brace.

Thanks for any pointer.


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Found the answer. It was simpler than I thought. I just needed to implement the PairedBraceMatcher interface and add this entry to my plugin configuration:

<lang.braceMatcher language="<language_name_here>" implementationClass="<MyPairedBraceMatcher>"/>

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