I've noticed this as well for the past couple EAP versions.  Pretty frustrating.  I love using the integrated terminal, but this makes it very frustrating to do so.  I've notice this issue pop up with previous EAPs in the distant past as well.  

 I have noticed however that Ctrl-Z does restore a command prompt, even if it still leaves the server process running in the background -- therefore requiring a `kill -9` command to shut it down.  But still better than having to kill the terminal entirely.  


@Joshillian, that's a good tip with the Ctrl-Z! Not having to close the session with a right click is way better. I don't have to worry if the process really died or not. 


You can use Run | Stop ... or the corresponding shortcut to stop the rails server. We have an issue about it on our tracker, please vote:



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