RubyMine EAP: Ctrl+C not working for 'rails server' command

It just hangs and doesn't give the control over the terminal back.


I've noticed this as well for the past couple EAP versions.  Pretty frustrating.  I love using the integrated terminal, but this makes it very frustrating to do so.  I've notice this issue pop up with previous EAPs in the distant past as well.  

 I have noticed however that Ctrl-Z does restore a command prompt, even if it still leaves the server process running in the background -- therefore requiring a `kill -9` command to shut it down.  But still better than having to kill the terminal entirely.  


@Joshillian, that's a good tip with the Ctrl-Z! Not having to close the session with a right click is way better. I don't have to worry if the process really died or not. 


You can use Run | Stop ... or the corresponding shortcut to stop the rails server. We have an issue about it on our tracker, please vote:


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