PHPStorm Database Tool Sync Issue

Since I use heavily PHPStorm and MYSQL Workbench daily, these two beasts take 80% of my Mac memory easily. My Mac got crashed many times because of them. So I decide to use PHPStorm database tool. After one-month use, the I quite like the database editor. It helps me to format my SP which makes my life easier. 

I also found an issue with the database tool. It can't sync well with MYSQL localhost or development server. Sometimes, I export whole db from development server  and import to my localhost. I can see the SP are changes with Workbench. But no matter how many times I refresh the connection on PHPStorm database connection, the SP is NOT synced on the PHPStorm. I have to manually copy the SP over from Workbench to PHPStorm. 

I am not sure if I miss anything to sync the database. Can anyone give advice?


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Vladimir Luchansky
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It is hard to say anything here at the moment.

Would be great if you could open a ticket with a support team via Help > New Support Request for logs investigation.


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