Best practices for using AppCode with an XCode project that uses a Storyboard (?)


I have an existing XCode project that uses a Storyboard and contains Obj-C and Swift files.  I would like to use AppCode with this project, but before I open it in AppCode, I want to understand the workflow that I will experience with AppCode.

Most importantly, how does one edit viewcontrollers in a Storyboard file and wire up Actions and Outlets?  Does this require re-opening the project in XCode, wiring up, and then returning to AppCode to write the code associated with each element?

Also, by opening an existing XCode project in AppCode, can I still later open it in Xcode?  (or, does AppCode change any project files that XCode needs to run properly?)

I appreciate any help anyone can provide.  I am new to AppCode and want to make sure I proceed correctly..



I always have both Xcode and AppCode open with the project I'm working on. I use Xcode for build configuration and storyboard changes and AppCode for everything else. They work harmoniously together and changes of any kind in either appear in the other.


Michael, thank you.  This was excellent information.  I didn't realize they could both work so well together and even simultaneously. 

I just tried to work on my project with each opened as you mentioned and it works flawlessly.  

I appreciate your help.



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