Code completion suggests overrides inside method body

Using IntelliJ IDEA 2016.3.3 I keep running into an autocomplete bug where the first suggestions that popup is always overrides that match my partial statement, after a short delay it will fill in the method calls that matches but at this point it won't move the most likely suggestion to the much more likely method call, resulting in that I have to change the selected suggestion manually, or type more of the function name to refine the search.

This is especially problematic since if you accidentally use the suggested override def it will autocomplete with the name, parameter list and a super call, but without the def or override, then it selects the whole method body in the method you are in, so if typing fast you will simply overwrite the entire method body (including the just added autocomplete).

Of course, you can't even override a definition in this context to begin with, but the combination of the delayed filling of the autocomplete list not reorganizing itself, the incorrect suggestion and that it selects the whole method body after auto completing makes this incredibly awkward to work around.


I have tried to Invalidate caches and restart as well as gone through the settings dialog as much as possible to see if there is a way to disable the autosuggestion of overrides entirely. If relevant, I am using the vim emulator while coding, but the bug occurs when the vim emulator is temporarily disabled as well (using the checkbox in the tools menu).

The autocomplete list is correct besides from the override suggestions and the slight delay in between showing the overrides before it shows all suggestions, any idea what might be the issue here?

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Is the problem still relevant? Could you please provide a short, self-sufficient example code?

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