Problem using an app password from Bitbucket account

I am having problem on my 2016.3.2/Win with setting up an app password with my Bitbucket account.

Randomly, when I do a git push, WS nags me to provide the settings repo credentials and suggests to consider app password. When I eventually decided to give it a try, I couldn't find a place to enter the app password that Bitbucket generated for me. The dialog links to a help page which, in the section named "Configuring the password policy", hints at a Password page that does not seem to exist. There is no "Passwords page that opens". And when I try to filter the settings against 'passw', I can find no relevant input that could hold the app password. It is not clear to me, whether one has to use KeePass to hold such a password. It might be the documentation thing. Please advise.

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The Help page available by the link ( doesn't include "Configuring the password policy" section... You must be referring to the outdated Help page (from 2016.2 or older versions)


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