Cannot add child framework support when parent is already added


Is this intended behavior (and if so why?) or is this a bug:

For a given framework type, e.g. "web", if it is already enabled on the project, the user cannot manually add a child of this element later (by right clicking on the module -> "add framework support"). In my case, my plugin creates a new framework type which is a child of "web" and I'd like the ability for the user to be able to manually add this support to a web project.

Please Note: Automatic framework detection does work as I would expect, I'm strictly talking about the manual case where the user clicks on "Add Framework Support".

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Currently it's indeed not possible. The reason is that we don't have 'framework' concept in the project configuration, so if user tries to add a child framework of 'Web' to an existing project there is no straightforward way to get e.g. path to a web resources directory in the project (where your framework will probably want to create its files).

Feel free to create a feature request about that in our tracker.


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