openshift (V3) project

Hi all ,


i'm trying to setup a simple openshift v3 project on the redhat new openshift platform but seems to get some issues with authentication.
when configuring the openshift V3 account , it tries to login using the given credentials (username/password) but returns with a error :

"you must obtain an API token by visiting"

this is the same error i get when using oc cli tool to login the openshift service.
on the cli , i have done the login procedure as described in the error message and obtained a token which is stored in my ~/.kube/config

somehow , intelliJ usage of oc seems to ignore this and keeps repeating the error message. 
there is no input field to enter the token so i would expect it is using oc cli and the default config stored in ~/.kube/config but
this doesn't seems to be so.




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