angullar-cli dist folder updates ignored - can I force inclusion?

When I build my angular-cli application, the updated /dist files are in the VCS window's Ignored Files set when viewed in the Local Changes portion of the Version Control window:

My build is performed this way:

ng build --prod --aot

All of the files generated by that new build that appear in the Ignored Files list have the form

inline.<huge guid value>.bundle.js


main.<huge guid value>.bundle.js


main.<huge guid value>.bundle.js.gz

The huge problem this presents is that the updated index.html references those ignored files.

I have commented out this line in .gitignore ahead of time:


Shouldn't that allow any newly generated (by ng build) /dist files to participate in the commit/push sequence I need to perform to deploy those changes to GitHub?

What step(s) am I missing or doing incorrectly that is causing this issue?

How can I automatically have any newly generated (by ng build) /dist files be included in any subsequent push/commit sequence?

Eventually, I'd like to automate this process, but I can't if I cannot trust that the latest /dist files will be pushed/committed.
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Would you like these files being automatically added and committed to Git once they are generated? It's not possible in WebStorm currently - files generated by external processes can't be auto-added. See


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