On-going issue regarding multiple instance selection

Hi folks, 

About 2 months ago I presented an issue regarding multiple instance selection. From there it appeared as if I wasn't alone; there were others facing the same issue. It was advised this issue would be resolved in the next release. 

Well the next release has happened and the issue still is there? 

Here is the problem:

I "ALT-J" about 400 instances and go to make a change. However on the first stroke of a key change, my system freezes in excess of 30 seconds. 

Now I'd understand if my system was sub-par however I don't believe it is. 


Windows 10 Pro 

Samsung 950 Pro 512gb main drive (70gb used) 

Intel 5820 Overclocked to 4Ghz stable under watercooling. That's 24Ghz total with a 15Mb L3 cache. 

32Gb DDR4

X99 chipset motherboard

Nvidia 1070 running two 4k screens. 

.. I built this system to be a beast at development within PHP. However PHP storm is proving it unworthy. 

The biggest thing that gets me is that when it freezes, it doesn't even touch the resources in my computer. 6% CPU, 8Gb ram, 1% Disc, 2% Network. I've also increased the memory size up to 12Gb for PHPstorm after receiving a warning. 

Is there something I should be doing, what is going on PHPstorm? 

At present for multiple instances I am using a free IDE that is ironically Java based like PHPstorm and doesn't freeze, infarct it's instantaneous. 

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Hi there,

What IDE version exactly are you using (Help | About)?

That ticket (https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-135620) is fixed for 2017.1 .. which is still in EAP so it was not "properly released" yet (2017.1 final should be released some time next month).

Please try EAP build (PhpStorm EAP) if you are not using it yet.


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