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I have a WebStorm project with several hundred files and folders. I have opened a file in the editor, BUT I unfocused its location in the tree. 

How can I navigate (focus) quickly FROM the opened in editor file TO the file location in the tree ?

In MS Visual Studio there is such a button which is very handy in such occasions - click it, and voila, your open file in the editor is focused in the tree.

Is there similar button, menu option or keyboard shortcut to do this in WebStorm ?  

Thank you

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There is a 'Scroll from source' button in the Project view toolbar 

it selects the currently opened file in the project tree.

If you need a keyboard shortcut, try assigning preferred shortcut to 'Select in Project View' action in Settings(Preferences) | Keymap | Other.

If you need to enable auto-scrolling from source for all files, open Project View options dropdown and choose the 'Autoscroll from source' - when it's enabled, current file is auto-selected in the Project view on opening.


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