Import keybindings from PHPStorm IDE to (PyCharm, Clion and Itellj Idea)


How to import just  keybindings from PHPStorm IDE to (PyCharm, Clion and Itellj Idea)

I have take a lot of time setting up my PHPStorm for general key binding and settings (language agnostic settings) I'm used to in Sublime, I was curious how could I transfer them without transferring language specific settings.  Does the regular import and export will do this? I am on a strict deadline and I do not have the luxury to mess around :(


You can export your keymap settings using File| Export Settings| Key maps/Key maps(schemes) action and then import it to other IDEs using File| Import Settings action. 


I tried and I did not see them transfer. (ie . Cmd + D, or Cmd+ Shift + D  for multi select and selection duplication) 


It worked after I exported the "Key map (Schema)" as well


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