Qt/Qml syntax highlight


Does anyone know of a plugin or plans to support Qml files in clion?

Qml, part of a highly used C++ framework (Qt), really needs at least syntax highlighting in CLion.  It is weird to go to another IDE (slickedit in this case, or command line vim) to edit those files, just so I can see if I make a simple syntax mistake via highlighting.

It would also be awesome if it had auto complete as well.  Since I'm just now learning Qml, it would be very helpful in "remembering" properties for each object. :)

I figured there would at least be a plugin by now but couldn't find anything..


Hi, Mike.

We have a feature request in our tracker, but, unfortunately, it's not on our priority list for now. Nevertheless, feel free to comment or upvote: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/CPP-4576.


Thanks Anna.  Saw you upvoted it for me as well, which I appreciate. :)  It has been in there for a year though so maybe I'll look into writing a plugin or something if I have time.

I can always just use vim or slickedit to edit my qml files but I really like to stay in one editor/IDE while working.


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