DEBUG: Idea doesn't step in code from other module


This issue happens in newest stable release of Idea (build #IU-163.11103.6, 16 Jan 2017), even after invalidating cache and restart.

I just reverted to an old 2016.2.5 installation that works properly.


The issue: while debugging, the F7 (step in) won't actually stop on next execution step while in other module of a maven bundle project (stepping in still works fine in same module). The breakpoints, when set, they are honored however, it's just simple code stepping that stopped working. I guess it might be caused by a recent update as it used to work fine ( I think I updated it just the other day).


This should be a trivial issue to reproduce, please let me know if you have problems reproducing it though.


It works for me. Does Step Into not work only for module dependencies? Please make sure you have correct shortcut assigned in File | Settings | Keymap settings.

Can you attach sample project if issue remains? Please also post idea.log file after IDE restart and reproducing. Thanks.


Of course, not related to keymap settings. it works, after all, in own module.


I might attach a sample project later on, but cannot afford to work on broken idea version yet.


In the meantime, if you wanna try some more, do the following:

create simple maven project, two modules, of which one depends on the other.

In the module with the dependency, create a junit test class with two test methods:

testA can step in all the execution steps in class/method from own module

testB can not step in any of the execution steps in class/method outside own module




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