Load File/Selection into IRB


I used RubyMine a while ago and am trying to pick it back up.

I'm running into an old problem I figured out before but can't recall what I did.

I am not being presented menu or context options to load the current ruby file into the IRB console.

I noticed that the hotkey code ( Alt-Shift-L ) conflicted with the Load Context feature. I removed that hot key but still do not have the Load IRB option.

I'm running Version 8.0.4.

I am not trying to make a support call. I'm only looking for a forum to ask my question to. I think there's a fix for this, but just can't remember.

I'd appreciate any info you can come up with.

You guys make great products! Thanks.





could you please specify whether you invoke Tools menu after running IRB console? 


Hello. Thanks for the reply.


I  have tried it both ways, with andr without IRB console already running. It never appears.

I seem to recall that a console already had to be active before the option appeared  under Tools.



could you please check how it goes in RubyMine 2017.1 RC? (my steps there were the following: launch IRB console, then after focusing on any rb file in Tools appears 'Load File/Selection into IRB/Rails console')


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