Wordpress, [LMX]AMPP and IntelliJ

I use IntelliJ for Wordpress plugin development.- at least I try


there are MANY articles on setting this up, though the IDEA documentation is a bit scattered (have to go to mu;ltiple locations to pull it together and it gets confused with PHPStrom docs).


The problem is all the [LMX]AMPP and Wordpress articles stop short of setting up a debugging configuration.  They are all 'just do this and this and your good to go'.  No, if you want a debugger you have to weed thru outdated and sparse articles on setting up xDebug.  Can take half a day.

I would LOVE to find a setup that is ready to go that includes debugger setup. Anyone know any good articles?

The issue is everytime I upgrade a [LMX]AMPP setup, the hunt begins again for debugger setup documentation.  I don't know what the history is behind removing debugger configuration from these instant up tools. But man....

Is there a distro that is ready to go for developers?  For IntelliJ should I use ZEND or XDebug?  I am looking for ease of use and ease of setup.







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Well, here's a general starting point to look for debug guides: https://www.jetbrains.com/phpstorm/documentation/debugger/

As for distro's - we don't have one that covers WP debug but we have one you still play around with: https://github.com/JetBrains/phpstorm-workshop


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