How do I create a temporary run/debug configuration for a py.test test function?


For a long time I could press Ctrl+Shift+F9 while in a test function I am writing and pycharm would create a new temporary run/debug configuration that calls py.test with the correct parameters under the debugger. Likewise, Ctrl+Shift+F10 would call py.test without debugging.

While trying out EAP versions of pycharm, this stopped working: The shortcut still creates a temporary run/debug configuration. However, it now simply runs the test script (e.g. '/home/user/project/django/tests/some_app/') instead of 'pytest -k test_function_name'.

To make matters worse, I cannot reproduce the intended behaviour on earlier versions, not even on the latest stable version.

What can I do so pycharm will create run/debug configurations that use py.test?


Well! After running in circles for a few hours (up- and downgrading pycharm, installing plugins, waiting for 'indexing...' to complete) I know have the desired functionality back.


So I consider this one solved.


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